Australian Children's Television Foundation

Series 1 and 2
Deborah Cohen, Education Manager
Anna Kamasz, Education Projects Officer
Ray Daley, Technical Supervisor
Sarah Parry, Administrative assistant

Series 1
Alex McDermott, Writer for Decade Timeline
Maryellen Davidson, Reviewer for Decade Timeline
Annemaree O'Brien, Writer for English Teaching Activities
Michele Green, Reviewer for English Teaching Activities
Margaret Doucas, Writer for History Teaching Activities
Terry Gallagher, Reviewer for History Teaching Activities

Series 2
Maryellen Davidson, Writer for Decade Timeline
Christine Evely, Writer for English Teaching Activities (1878–28)
Fiona Clark, Writer for English Teaching Activities (1818 – Before Time)
Janine Forbes-Rolfe, Writer for History Teaching Activities (1878–28)
Dr Rashna Taraporewalla, Writer for History Teaching Activities (1818 – Before Time)

Education Services Australia Ltd

Series 1 and 2
Louise Poultney, Project Manager
Daniel Nicholls, Project Manager
Daniel Hughes, Educational Specialist
Stuart Vaughan, CMS Team Leader
Amelia Mosbauer, Graphic Designer
Helen Willoughby, Coordinating Editor
Vanessa Len, Editor
Annie Carney, Editor
Trish Wilson, Editor

Series 1
Meg Mappin, Project Manager
Gillian Ramsay, Project Manager
Rachel Kennedy, Educational Specialist
Sharon Lapkin, Editor
Elise Bradbury, Editor
Nicolas Germinagni, CMS Team Leader
Jo Laboo, Web Production Officer
Sue Thomas, Indigenous Content Reviewer

Series 2
Gabrielle England, Project Director
Sarah Tielman, Educational Specialist
Joy Chen, Senior Manager Quality Assurance
Fleur Taylor, Editor
Natalie Kellar, Editor
Jill Taylor, Editor
Mary-Jo O'Rourke, Editor
Kirsty Elliott, Editor
Camille Nielsen, Indigenous Content Reviewer