Children's chores

[Episode 9 | 1928 : Bridie]

Bridie's family is having breakfast and discussing what they will do that day. Her father and brother are going to work at the brickworks, her mother will be cleaning floors for neighbours, and Bridie and her older sister Kath are expected to look after baby Colum and do chores around the house. Bridie spies on Kath and her friend Lorna as they plan to get away from their responsibilities and have a picnic by the river.


The Australian curriculum: History

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History activities [3]

Activity 1: Chores
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Subtheme(s): Chores, business and employment,Relationships
Activity 2: Work
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Subtheme(s): Chores, business and employment,Entertainment and games,Social order and education
Activity 3: Heritage
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Subtheme(s): Multiculturalism,Social order and education