Victoria's family supper

[Episode 13 | 1888 : Victoria]

Alexandra's father is talking with his Irish tradesman who is instructing him to hide a dead cat in the roof of the house for luck. Victoria calls her father for dinner. At dinner, Victoria's mother is talking about her 'at home' invitation and who has accepted. She pauses to check Miss Müller's arrival and comments on the appropriateness of her work.


The Australian curriculum: History

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History activities [4]

Activity 1: The 'It girls'
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Subtheme(s): Fashion,Gender roles and stereotypes
Activity 2: Manners and manors
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Subtheme(s): Social order and education
Activity 3: Food for thought
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Subtheme(s): Food,Social order and education
Activity 4: Working women
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Subtheme(s): Chores, business and employment,Gender roles and stereotypes